GMIT is a Rohde & Schwarz company developing products for broadcasters since 2007. Our team has a strong broadcast background and in-depth knowledge of audio, video and data real-time processing utilizing state of the art software architectures and IT technologies.
GMIT releases iOS app virtuWall for monitoring broadcast & OTT services from anywhere
Thursday, 14 April 2016

virtuWallvirtuWall extends GMIT’s BMM-810 A/V monitoring platform, bringing all the monitoring and analysis capabilities of a conventional master control room (MCR) or network operation center (NOC) to iPhones and iPads. This liberates operators from traditional consoles and allows them to work anywhere - without compromising on service availability and service quality.

SES Platform Services relies on UHD / 4K monitoring from Rohde & Schwarz subsidiary GMIT GmbH
Tuesday, 22 September 2015

BMM810 AV Monitoring Plattform Since the initial rollout in 2011, SES Platform Services (SES PS) has continuously expanded and improved its BMM-810 monitoring installation. The BMM-810 A&V monitoring platform is used for all of the SES PS distribution channels, from satellite to cable to over-the-top Internet transmissions. It now monitors over 700 TV services in SD, HD and UltraHD resolution and supporting the first HEVC-encoded UHD broadcasts over Astra 19.2°. The BMM-810 is therefore a true one‑box monitoring solution for SES PS, eliminating the need for multi-vendor monitoring equipment.

New system from GMIT simplifies monitoring of headends and broadcast and IPTV networks
Thursday, 04 September 2014

 The Rohde & Schwarz subsidiary GMIT GmbH is proud to present PRISMON, a compact, flexible solution for monitoring different types of broadcast signals. In just one height unit, PRISMON monitors SDI, ASI, TS over IP and T2MI signals and automatically detects content errors such as still pictures and zero levels in audio signals. Thanks to the large number of supported interfaces, PRISMON can be easily used at different points of the transmission chain to ensure uniform monitoring of all signals. In addition, PRISMON generates a high-quality mosaic picture for visual monitoring of all programs. All PRISMON systems are very easy to configure and operate. They offer an excellent price/performance ratio, making them the perfect solution for professional monitoring of all broadcast networks and headends..